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welcome meat artists

Welcome artists(and meat artist fans). this site has just been born.
I cant believe there's no site or forum for such a thing?

The world loves meat art.
*meat prints available in my etsy shop

If you'd like the join this site, just email me at : meatartists@yahoo.com and let me know how to link you to the site. I'll add you to the list of artists, I can add your pictures to our flickr account that feeds our slide show and also I can add you as a featured artist.

This site can be a place to communicate and for posting announcements of new work or exhibitions. Send info and/or links relating to meat/art please.

To start us off, I'll post a few images of my most recent work. Ive painted meat for years but recently focusing more on bacon. Above is a print I designed in photoshop "bacon love". Below are some photos of some recent oil pastel drawings of bacon.

"one pound of bacon" 30x22 oil pastel on Rives BFK, mike geno

studio wall - small bacon drawings by mike geno

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