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Dominic Episcopo -Photographer of fashion to food

Dominic Episcopo is an interesting photographer I've re-discovered for myself a few times. Yeah, that sounds weird, huh? You see, Dominic's practically a neighbor of mine yet (as of this post) I still haven't met him in person. The first time came across his work, I was instantly hit with the simultaneity of awe, amusement, reverence and bitter envy. His meaty photographs were part of a solo show at Bambi, a local and trendy gallery. It was one of those moments when a artist, like me, sees these photographs one can't help but immediately understand the simple genius in the work. While my eyes were still taking in the fresh beauty I thought "someone beat you to it, Mike. Damn, that's a great idea". Months later, I recognized his work instantly when I opened up the first official issue of Meatpaper magazine and saw one of his states of meat pieces. I had to contact him later, and thank him for inspiring me to submit my own images to that super meaty magazine. More recently, Ive found Dominic's work displayed in a fine art printed poster in Old City, Philadelphia's Silicon gallery and his series of photos, 'The United Steaks of America', have been featured in the Huffington Post. Yeah, he's been busy.

Much of his work takes common culture subject into the hight art world via a high-end fashion photographic language.
You can check out more of Dominic's work on his own website: http://www.episcopo.com/