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Dominic Episcopo's new BOOK: Meat America!

Dominic Episcopo has a great new book of his portfolio available for sale at

At a time when America is searching to define its values and trying to uncover the inspiration of what it means to be uniquely ‘American’, we need a manifesto! And it would make sense that it should be carved out of meat. I have spent almost three years attuned to America’s spirit, humor and verve. I conceptualized raw images capturing the same, shot them for posterity and incorporated them into a book for publishing. Meat America, the book, is ready for prime time.

~ Dominic Episcopo, artist and photographer

In MEAT AMERICA, artist and photographer Dominic Episcopo focuses on his lifelong passion and most surprising muse: Meat. Serving up inspired and often irreverent translations of the American spirit through a devout carnivore’s lens, each of Dominic’s photographs satisfies our appetite for both—art and wit—in one bite.

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