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Jessica Lewis - Sculptor, photographer and installation artist

Jessica just sent me new images of some of her meat related work. She explained that her site is under construction at the moment but sent an informal statement with some images. I like the connection to the market in her work. If you visit our flickr account, you'll find connections with John Wolfer's work. Soon to be featured.

Jessica :"These are digital prints of meats that I sculpted and cast from actual meat. They were then painted and placed within an environment I also constructed that references supermarket environments. The meats look almost identical from a distance but upon closer examination are slightly unique. I am fascinated by the color and and texture as well as repulsed. This setting is also the way in which most Americans find their meat products. We can buy it with the same regard we buy shampoo or soup and it looks the same everywhere. In the one with the pig heads, I made casts of a real pig head I bought in a grocery store. I've always thought it was interesting that the closer the meat looks to its original source the more put off people generally are. "