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Steaks, served in pastels

William Pettit is a painter and poet who also works as a sculptor, musician, photographer and video artist.  Yeah, that's renaissance man in my book. 

Bill sent me these photos of new pastel drawings of steaks recently.  His note: "Someone gave me a bunch of pastels and paper, a material I had used before as a student but never gave much consideration. They are fun to make. "

These still life drawings have a muscular representation of flesh, I admitted to him that they reminded me of the Bodyworlds exhibit I had seen.  The palette of pinks and browns and apparent ocher yellows on tan paper really offer a feel of dry-aged meat rather than lively flesh.  Cooked and ready to eat...

Bill's response: "they are all cooked and about to be consumed...many are drawn while still in the process of digestion. "

 for more Bill, check out his site: http://www.williampettit.com

I love the dramatic light on this one. How a cooked steak curls and and waves.